Why plain language is popular

Plain language works.
People prefer to understand what they’re reading.
Communicating in language that is understandable shows respect to your reader.

There is a misconception that plain language is the process of “dumbing down” language. This is not the case. The message is not less effective because of plain language. In fact, plain language allows better understanding. Plain language is communicating with the reader in mind. It gets the message across quickly and effectively. 

The effectiveness of your communication will increase if you:-

1. put yourself in the shoes of your reader; and

2. assume the reader doesn’t know anything of the subject matter. 

Article Source  

By Michele van Eck. Michele is the Plain Language Legal Expert for Writers Write.

She is an admitted attorney with more than five years working experience in the legal and corporate environment.

She has a BComm in business management and law, as well as an LLB and an LLM.

With specialized qualifications in corporate and contractual law, Michele writes for De Rebus and has co-authored articles for TSAR (a journal for South African law). 

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