In Plain Language - How Writers Write Can Help You

Writers Write provides plain language services for companies. 

Plain Language Legislation – What does it mean?

South Africa has legislation to balance power between those who provide products and services, and citizens who receive them. Readers must understand why a document is important, why it is necessary to sign it, and what the consequences of signing it imply. Consumers, as defined in the act, have average literacy skills. This means they are neither illiterate nor learned. Consumers must appreciate and understand the risks and obligations of entering into any verbal or written arrangement.

How can we help you?

By hiring a team of professional editors and writers, you ensure that your communications are clear, concise and up-to-date. The Writers Write Team will assist you with your needs according to Plain Language guidelines.

What we do

We provide three services: editing, writing, training. 

  1. Our editing in plain language services are for reviewing and editing your business documents, in house magazines, promotional features, presentations, style guides, and website content. 
  2. Our writing in plain language services include reviewing and rewriting content for your publications. These include brochures, newsletters, business proposals, progress reports, and promotional materials.
  3. Our training in plain language services train your staff to communicate in plain language. Our well-established Plain Language Programme is available if you want this option.


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