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Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South AfricaWriters Write - Write to communicate

The Write Report

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Writing Proposals and Reports

A proposal should define a problem and propose a solution.

Managers and executives need to make informed decisions. These decisions are often made on the strength of a report or proposal. However, the demand for well-written business documents exceeds the number of people trained to write them. 

Writers Write has developed a course to help you learn how to write professional proposals and reports.

Our report and proposal writing section includes:

  • How to write reports and proposals readers will understand
  • How to build a persuasive argument 
  • How to produce a powerful one-page executive summary
  • A complete template that you can use and reuse

This training is part of our business writing course, The Plain Language Programme, and it is perfect for anyone who needs to get complicated information to readers in an easy-to-read format.

If you want to improve your business writing skills, join us for The Plain Language Programme. Email for more information.


Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa. Writers Write - Write to communicate

In Plain Language - How Writers Write Can Help You

Writers Write provides plain language services for companies. 

Plain Language Legislation – What does it mean?

South Africa has legislation to balance power between those who provide products and services, and citizens who receive them. Readers must understand why a document is important, why it is necessary to sign it, and what the consequences of signing it imply. Consumers, as defined in the act, have average literacy skills. This means they are neither illiterate nor learned. Consumers must appreciate and understand the risks and obligations of entering into any verbal or written arrangement.

How can we help you?

By hiring a team of professional editors and writers, you ensure that your communications are clear, concise and up-to-date. The Writers Write Team will assist you with your needs according to Plain Language guidelines.

What we do

We provide three services: editing, writing, training. 

  1. Our editing in plain language services are for reviewing and editing your business documents, in house magazines, promotional features, presentations, style guides, and website content. 
  2. Our writing in plain language services include reviewing and rewriting content for your publications. These include brochures, newsletters, business proposals, progress reports, and promotional materials.
  3. Our training in plain language services train your staff to communicate in plain language. Our well-established Plain Language Programme is available if you want this option.

About Writers Write

Our motto at Writers Write is ‘Write to communicate’. We help you harness the power of words. Writers Write, established for  more than 10 years, has an experienced, professional team of writers and trainers.
We have provided Plain Language Training for many companies including Discovery Health, First National Bank, Juta, ETDP Seta, Multichoice, and ABSA. The company teaches delegates how to write for business, how to write for the print media, and how to master the craft of public relations writing. Our business courses comply with the Consumer Protection Act.
We also offer practical, inspiring courses in creative writing

If you would like to find out more about any of these three plain language services please email 


Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa. Do you want to write a book or improve your business writing? Do you want to learn how to write for social media? Email for more information.

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Writers Write - Write to communicate

Apostrophe Abuse

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Luisa Zissman has received a large amount of media attention and not because she reached the final of The Apprentice. Instead of praising her business acumen, grammar zealots and social media fans have criticised her lack of grammar knowledge. 

A large section of the population was outraged because Zissman did not know how to use the apostrophe in her business name. 

“Is it bakers toolkit or baker’s toolkit with an apostrophe?!” she tweeted. After receiving a lesson in apostrophe use from her Twitter fans, Zissman enraged her fans and the grammar zealots further by tweeting, “I like the look of bakers,” and decided to drop the apostrophe. 

Zissman’s business acumen was praised during the BBC’s show but her ignorance about basic punctuation has called her credibility and professionalism into question. Her work ethic was also questioned as people felt she was ‘being lazy’ by not attempting to understand the use of the apostrophe. 

Ironically, Zissman describes herself as having “a brain like Einstein.” 

People want to do business with companies who are professional and credible. If companies cannot grasp the basic rules of punctuation then what else do they not know that is crucial to their business? 

If you still feel that apostrophe ignorance is no big deal then consider the following examples of miscommunication:

  1. Your mine (a tattoo) 
  2. DVD’s sale (a video store sign)
  3. There are two is in skiing (an online tutorial)
  4. A days’ leave (a human resource document)

A misplaced apostrophe can change the meaning of a sentence and lead to miscommunication.

 by Ulrike Hill

Ulrike Hill facilitates creative and business writing courses for Writers Write. She also lecturers English and Communication Science at Varsity College.

Follow Ulrike on Twitter and Facebook and visit her LinkedIn profile.

If you want to improve your business writing skills, join us for The Plain Language Programme


Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa. Writers Write - Write to communicate

Writing Tips - Job Titles and Capitalisation

Job Titles and Capital Letters

  1. If you are using the name of the position instead of the person’s name, you should use a capital letter. Example: The President will speak after dinner.
  2. If you are writing about the position in general, you should not use a capital letter. Example: He always wanted to become president.
  3. If you are using the person's name after the title, you should use a capital letter. Example: President Obama.

If you want to improve your business writing skills, join us for The Plain Language Programme


Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa. Writers Write - Write to communicate